We provide measurement solutions across 3 key areas: Marcomm's Evaluation, CX and Path to Purchase

Which can often mean capturing, measuring and analyzing data from 100 or more touch points from traditional media to sponsored sportswear, to brand mentions in music tracks and online gaming placements.

Put another way, we can codify all experiences encountered by your customers (and your competitors’ customers) in any given sector or market.

The whole enchilada…in situ, in context.

Imagine that?

Experience Driven Marketing

Every single piece of data we capture is viewed through an experience lens

With hyper personalisation, the demise of cookie tracking, the rise of first party data and ever increasing customer expectations, the systems and approaches that worked before will no longer cut it today.

Which is why we developed The Experience Driven Marketing Model.

A new lens through which to view your marketing investments and help you understand the impact that experiences across different channels with different messages and contexts provide.

The benefit? In short, it will help you identify which experiences to create more of and which to reduce or change.

More crystal ball, than lens, perhaps?

Experience Driven Marketing Model

Real-Time Experience Tracking

In the moment, in context, Real-time Experience Tracking (RET). The tool that gives you an unfair advantage

There will be times when you want to be right there with your customer at the very moment that they interact with your brand, regardless of where, when or how many of these interactions take place.

This is why we developed RET, a Real-time Tracking Tool that captures rich, highly nuanced, in the moment commentary from every single encounter your customers have with yours’ and your competitors’ brands.

In addition, with RET we can analyse the relative power of Paid, Owned and Earned media providing deep insight into which touch points have most impact, and why?

Survey to capture
brand health metrics and imagery
Diary to capture brand experiences
in real-time via mobile platform
Survey to capture brand health metrics &
imagery to measure impact of experiences

Experience Maximizer to identify touchpoint impact