We focus on developing the best methodologies to solve your thorny business problems.

Whatever approach we take, we look at your problems and opportunities through an experience lens.


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Real-Time Experience Tracking

Our Real-time Experience Tracking (RET) approach captures every brand encounter people have with brands “in the moment”. This provides a unique dataset that looks through the eyes of the customer to put them at the heart of your business.

We analyze the relative power of Paid, Owned, and Earned media both quantitatively and qualitatively. Which touchpoints have most impact, and why? Real-time Experience Tracking captures in the moment commentary from participants allowing a deep dive into the rich customer stories about their experiences.

Survey to capture
brand health metrics and imagery
Diary to capture brand experiences
in real-time via mobile platform
Survey to capture brand health metrics and
imagery to measure impact of experiences

Experience Maximizer to identify touchpoint impact


We provide a lens on your brand and your competitors by capturing all experiences
encountered by people in any given sector or market.

We pick up up over 100 touchpoints across paid, owned and earned media –
important given paid media often accounts for only 30% of experiences!

We track key metrics such as share of experience – a metric that is
more reflective of market share than share of voice.

We enable decisions and actions to be taken confidently and quickly.

Subscription models are available in certain markets/sectors to enable very
cost-effective access to comprehensive brand and experience data streams.