Manifesto for Experience Driven Marketing

Gone are the days when a great product alone drove profits. Marketers today need to consider every way that people encounter their brand. Great experiences creating real value for people build advocacy, which leads to acquisition, as well as retention and increase in share of wallet.

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Is Share Of Experience The New Share Of Voice?

Share of voice (SOV) has always been an important metric for marketers to monitor. It helps us to understand how prominently we are promoting our brand versus competitors. But SOV only measures what we, as marketers, push out.

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The Retail Banking Experience Landscape

The role of financial services and retail banking is changing forever.  Unless a marketer understands every way someone encounters their brand, how can they decide how best to create compelling experiences for their customers and prospects?

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We are an innovative data, analytics and insight company that can make your marketing, media, customer experience and shopper investments work harder

You want to know how your activities are working

The key issue marketers want to unpick is how their investments are working so they can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

We can tell you how your activities are working and how you can improve them

What makes us unique is the experience lens we take to any business question. Our Experience Driven Marketing approach, range of techniques and Experience Model enable us to help grow brands.

MESH is best known for our bespoke Real-time Experience Tracking (RET) tool. RET captures every experience people have with your brand and those of your competitors enabling us to tell you exactly how your marketing, media and creative are working and how you can optimize them – across each and every touchpoint and channel.


"Shall we MESH it?"

We create enduring relationships with our clients to solve the seemingly unsolvable business problems.
One of our clients even told us that MESH has become a verb for his stakeholders!

Wilkinson Sword

Increased media cost effectiveness for Wilkinson Sword by threefold through in market evaluation

LG Electronics

Empowered LG Electronics’ relationship with retailers to nudge consumers to purchase for over 10 years


Improved marketing ROI for BSkyB through incorporating rapid response campaign evaluation into tracking program

Delta Air Lines

Optimized Delta Air Lines’ marketing through creating Marketing Impact Score

LATAM Airlines

Transformed business culture for LATAM Airlines through Monetizing NPS investment tool.


Uncovered the most powerful touchpoints to engage neurologists in China for Sanofi.

TSB Bank

Helped TSB Bank navigate an IT crisis


Uncovered hidden gems for Heineken on the path to purchase

Experience Driven Marketing

Our Experience Model can help you take actions to maximize the quantity and quality of experiences people are having with your brand.

We do this through understanding the impact that experiences through different channels, with different messages and contexts provide.

Put simply, we can help you see which experiences to create more of and which to reduce or change to grow your brand.

Our Experience Metrics provide clear benchmarks to evaluate success.

Brand Growth Experience Model