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03 May 2018

Redesigning a brand tracker shared at ESOMAR Latin America Conference

Our Regional Director in Latin America; Marcello Garritano, spoke with Priscila Tavares; Market and Product Solutions Manager, LATAM Airlines, Brazil at the ESOMAR Latin America Conference.  They told the story of how LATAM Airlines; the leading airline in Latin America, and MESH Experience took a fresh approach to redesigning the LATAM brand tracker.

As the Latin Airline giants TAM and LAN joined forces, they faced a host of challenges as they restructured to gain efficiencies, whilst shaping a strategy for the new LATAM brand.

Marcello and Priscila outlined the strategies adopted to tackle these turbulent times and the ingredients for success, plus some tips on how to implement them.

  • Take a human centred approach to research
  • Collect and deliver it in a simple, flexible way so that it can be used throughout the organisation
  • Make sure that the right insight is there at the right time
  • Ensure you have the right partners to take you there

View the full presentation here