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21 Oct 2016

MESH shapes new proposition for UK retail banking and insurance industries

LONDON, Oct. 20, 2016 – In partnership with Cranfield School of Management, MESH Experience offered interactive seminars for senior executives in the retail banking and insurance sectors this week to create a unique, experience-driven proposition to bring Real-Time Experience Tracking (RET) to these industries.

Welcomed to The Gallery at Brand Exchange by MESH Chief Experience Officer Fiona Blades, attendees from the industry joined the conversation to shape a proposition to make this experience data more accessible to the sector.

Along with talks by senior MESH team members Julian Green and Fleur Evans, the day included input by Professors Hugh Wilson and Emma Macdonald (Strategic Marketing, Cranfield School of Management) on how real-time experience data from cross industries can shape new metrics for marketing teams in our current experience-based economy.

MESH’s Experience-Driven Marketing approach has been described by the Harvard Business Review as “a tool which radically improves marketing research.” In an experience economy, marketing teams need experience-driven metrics across all touchpoints. MESH’s RET is not a new fad: the team’s 10 years of data from work with banks and other financial services institutions has the potential to help the industry with a uniquely granular, single customer view.

Says Julian Green, Global Client Experience Director, “I hope that what today proved is how our experience-driven approach can be applied to key industry challenges such as rebuilding trust and how to optimize sponsorship activities including measuring the ROI.”

To speak further about how Experience-Driven Marketing can help your brand, please contact Julian Green at or +44 (0) 7921 683 478.

About MESH Experience:

MESH Experience was set up in 2006 to help clients make quicker and smarter decisions about their marketing investment. The full-service research consultancy, with offices in London, New York and Sao Paulo, does this through its Experience Driven Marketing approach and award-winning Real-time Experience Tracking methodology.

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