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27 Jan 2017

MESH partners with GRBN's global Participant Engagement Initiative

MESH Experience is pleased to announce its collaboration on the global Participant Engagement Initiative with the Global Business Research Network (GRBN), the network that connects over 3500 research businesses over six continents. We are participating in the initiative's User Experience 100-Day Challenge to co-create a positive future for the research sector by taking a personal pledge and action over a 100-day period to give participants in research a better experience, today, tomorrow, and the day after. News about our 100-day actions is forthcoming!

Andrew Cannon, GBRN Executive Director, shares the Participant Engagement Initiative's main goal as to "address the serious issues of participant experience, declining participation rates and data quality, and the negative impact these are having on our industry and our clients." 

The Participant Engagement Initiative was launched to combat two important issues, both of them of paramount importance to MESH Experience's foundation upon the belief that tracking experiences is essential to brand growth: 

  1. A poor user experience has a negative impact on brand or brands commissioning the research (known or guessed)
  2. A poor user experience negatively impacts our industry ability to meet clients’ needs, as people having a poor experience are less likely to participate in research in the future and more likely to spread negative word-of-mouth

We stand by GBRN in its concerted effort to help the market research industry build a trusting relationship with the general public. 

For a full press release on the global Participant Engagement Initiative, please head to the GRBN website, and to learn more about the 100-day challenge and to sign up, please click here