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01 Nov 2016

MESH marks 10 years with #measureSOE campaign & artist collaboration with Erin Ko

New York, November 1, 2016 – Launched by Fiona Blades at ESOMAR’s 2006 Congress in London to address a gap in traditional market research, MESH Experience captures people’s brand experiences across all touchpoints, not just those related to paid media, with its Real-Time Experience Tracking (RET) method. Ten years later in the era of Uber, Airbnb, Pokemon Go, and an experience-based economy, the company has grown to work with global clients from its bases in New York, London, and Sao Paulo. MESH’s Share of Experience (SOE) has shown a higher correlation to sales and market share than Share of Voice (SOV), becoming an important metric to unlock brands’ growth potential.

To commemorate its ten years, MESH is launching two new initiatives: 1) a #measureSOE social-media campaign featuring senior voices from the market research and client industries; and 2) a collaboration with New York-based visual artist Erin Ko to create an augmented-reality work.

The social-media campaign, #measureSOE, which begins today to coincide the release of a new whitepaper "The Importance of Measuring Share of Experience" by Fiona Blades, highlights the Share of Experience metric’s importance to the industry’s future. It builds upon earlier articles published in Admap (March and April 2016) as well as conference presentations that provide case studies demonstrating how SOE measurement has helped clients with their investment decisions. Follow along @MESHExperience on Twitter and on LinkedIn; we’d love to include your voice.

Erin Ko is a visual artist from the United States with over 10 years of professional experience in games and interactive media. Her interests lie in combining traditional art making methods with new ones to achieve unique process and result. Her work with MESH centers around the concept that we all form an interconnected fabric bigger than ourselves and that we create greater experiences together. e.Ko designed a set of interactive “seeds,” each with a unique symbol that triggers an augmented reality experience. The symbol unlocks one of 100 experiences drawn from key moments in MESH’s history, the marketing industry, and globally momentous experiences over the last 10 years. When placed next to each other, they behave differently with changing audio and visuals. Viewers use a customized iOS or Android application to access the work. These seeds will be distributed to select MESH clients, partners, and its entire team.

About MESH Experience:

MESH Experience was set up in 2006 to help clients make quicker and smarter decisions about their marketing investment. The full-service research consultancy, with offices in London, New York and Sao Paulo, does this through its Experience Driven Marketing approach and award-winning Real-time Experience Tracking methodology.

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