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16 May 2018

MESH Experience launches a new retail banking study - the first in a series of subscription studies in key sectors

For the last year we’ve been researching, trialling and building a new Real-time Experience Tracking datastream for the retail banking sector.  The launch of our first subscription product means we can offer all the benefits of agile Real-time Experience Tracking to clients at a fraction of the cost.

The product picks up over 100 touchpoints where people may encounter a brand in the retail banking sector; covering paid, owned and earned experiences, from TV to online to word of mouth - across all major banking brands.  So far we’ve collected over 5,000 participants and 20,000 experiences. 

It’s a three part study including a pre survey that captures key brand funnel metrics and image statements.  Participants then spend a week completing a diary of their brand experiences in the retail bank sector.  This is followed by a post survey replicating the brand funnel metrics and image statements of the pre survey, enabling us to identify which touchpoints and experiences have had a positive or negative impact.  The Diary includes plenty of open ended commentary and provides detailed qualitative diagnostics at scale.  

Clients who’ve come on board are benefitting from identifying what share of experience they have, which touchpoints achieve highest reach and which are having an impact on key brand funnel metrics.  Others are benefiting from deep dives on specific touchpoints such as mobile apps to help them improve customer engagement.

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