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04 Apr 2018

MESH Experience insight shaking up the media world in Australia

MESH Experience conducted a Real-time Experience Tracking project for Starcom Australia, a global media agency, as part of their annual Media Futures Report.

The Power of Positivity was identified as the single biggest factor influencing consumer behaviour and CX in the report. The biggest influence on positive experiences is “personal relevance”, with 81% of very positive experiences being very personally relevant.

People who had a “very positive” experience are 10 times more likely to choose a brand than those who had a “fairly positive” experience.

The report found that real life experiences with brands are 2.4 times more likely to be very positive. Just 32% of experiences were as a result of paid media, meaning that marketers and media need to rethink the role of all media across paid, owned, earned and shared to created powerful connected experiences.

Media Futures has identified “return on experience” (ROE), as an additional measure that works in tandem with return on investment (ROI). ROE, which combines business and human outcomes, is the most valuable measurement for brand choice.

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