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29 Mar 2017

How Advertising Works Today: Highlights from Advertising Research and MESH Experience event in London, March 29th 2017

On Wednesday 29th March, MESH Experience hosted the Advertising Research Federation (ARF) and a select group of clients at a proprietary event at The Brand Exchange, showcasing the findings of ground-breaking research examining how advertising works today.

Drawing from the ARF’s US$1 million study, using primary research, collaboration with 40 industry leaders and proprietary data from some of the world’s leading research solutions providers, Horst Stipp (PhD) and Manuel Garcia-Garcia (PhD) presented analysis which materially advances the debate on how advertising works.


  • Advertising across multiple platforms delivers incremental ROI, with digital and TV providing a kicker effect of plus 40% over other combinations

  • 75% of ad effectiveness derives from the quality of the creative

  • Unified creative strategy across platforms enhances ad memorability, with a 57% impact if the content is customised to the platform - yet only 38% of campaigns currently do this

  • Customised mobile video ads deliver greater effectiveness than repurposed content across viewability (+53%), UX (+39%) and engagement (+49%).

  • Mobile ads need to be shorter, vertical, with subtitles, music, an upfront message and a call to action for amplification.

  • The contextual correlation between programme engagement and ad recall has never been stronger and the relationship between time of day and ad positivity measured for the first time

The ARF was able to demonstrate how multiple use of platforms increases ROI and which platform combinations are most effective. Stipp and Garcia-Garcia presented evidence that a unified creative strategy delivered through platform-bespoke content delivers material improvements across a range of performance metrics. They also provided the audience with tangible advice for designing winning mobile content, based on ARF proprietary research amongst luminaries of some of the world’s leading creative agencies.

The New York-based institution used MESH Experience data to detail the contextual relationship between ad positivity, media channel and the time of day it was served, demonstrating that people’s receptiveness was deeply rooted to context.  Whilst TV advertising for packaged goods in the morning works successfully to enhance mood, it is the evening when services benefit from greatest receptiveness, particularly through posters viewed in commuter locations when people have greater dwell time to absorb messaging.

Commenting, Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer and Founder of MESH Experience:

“We are delighted to welcome the ARF to London and are thrilled they are sharing the findings of their ground truth experiments with our partners and clients. The evidence we have heard today has really shifted the needle in our understanding of how communications can be successfully created and served in this rapidly changing media landscape.”