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02 Mar 2017

Fiona and MESH honored to be a part of Culturise Collaboration

When Andy Dexter approached me to collaborate in his new venture I was intrigued.

There has never been a more important time for companies to be focussing on experiences that build trust, authenticity and social relevance. Ten years of capturing people’s experiences with brands in real-time has demonstrated how a negative news story can tarnish an award winning TV campaign. Marketing cannot exist in a bubble. The brand experiences marketers create are part of the total ecosystem people are picking up from the company. And these experiences need to be in tune with the times.

Our mission at MESH is to help clients create and measure experiences that grow brands, people and society. So when Andy described the Happiness Project which seeks to define and measure what makes a “good” business, I wanted MESH to be involved.

Initially The Culturise Collaboration will provide guidance to commercial clients, using new insight tools to find, measure, and communicate authentic meaning. Finding a way to measure the impact of commercial enterprises on the sum total of human happiness might sound ambitious (like tackling global warming) but we ignore this challenge at our peril!

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