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05 Jun 2018

Experience Driven Marketing aired at Cranfield School of Management Future of Marketing Conference

Fiona Blades, our CEO, recently spoke at the Cranfield Future of Marketing conference with Professor Emma Macdonald, Cranfield University.  They presented an innovative, new manifesto for marketing; forget the 4 or 5 P’s and embrace a new approach – Experience Driven Marketing.

Manifesto for Experience Driven Marketing:

  1. Take responsibility for every brand touchpoint – even those you don’t control.
  2. Measure Share of Experience, not Share of Voice.
  3. Emotion matters.  Insist on Engaged Reach.
  4. If Content is King, Context is Queen.  Use it.
  5. Experience is a journey.  The destination is not purchase, but customers meeting their goals.
  6. If our customers buy experiences, we need to organize around them.  Not products, functions or channels.

View the full presentation here