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04 Oct 2013

Our HBR story

Last year, we published a paper in the Harvard Business Review on our real time tracking tool with academics from the Cranfield School of Management and Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. Here's the story behind our story

Here's the thing. The way that people experience brands happens fast, but traditional market research can take months.  We knew something wasn't quite working. We wanted to short circuit the lengthy research process and give clients the answers they needed during their actual ad campaigns. That way, brands could change and tweak their communications during the actual campaign and get the results they needed. It was empowering them to answer the burning question - where should you put your budget?

Enter stage left, our Real-time Experience Tracking (RET)™ tool. RET was developed out of a need to get our clients the insight they needed - quickly and accurately. It enables research to analyse an entire customer journey from the identification of a need right through to final purchase. It can determine which touchpoints influence customer behaviour the most.  For example, MESH was able to advise moviemaker Fox on how to get more out of their out-of-home and newspaper spend through utilizing the most impactful creative executions.  We also identified the incremental experience strength of viewing trailers online, rather than on TV or in the cinema, by linking these experiences to ticket sales.  Fox responded by allocating more spend online, and also steered its customers towards trailers on YouTube or Facebook in its posters and ads which resulted in more ticket sales.

For Energizer's new razor launch in Germany, RET enabled them to improve and adapt their strategy during the 12 week campaign. This led to a threefold improvement in campaign effectiveness and greater cost efficiency.

Click here for more about how Energizer benefited from the use of Real-time Experience Tracking.

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