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12 Dec 2013

Getting MORE TH>N expected from research

Dominic Grounsell, marketing director of the insurance company, MORE TH>N, needed to get under the skin of what people really thought about his brand's new positioning. 
A brand makes a huge investment on overhauling its brand, but how does it properly understand the ripple effect that its new communications are having on consumers? 
MORE TH>N, the insurance group, overhauled its brand positioning to focus on rewarding existing customers for their loyalty. It needed to track people's reactions to this new direction and used our Real-Time tracking (RET)™ to get under the skin of peoples' perceptions of the brand.
A consumer panel reported back on any interaction with the MORE TH>N  brand to allow accurate, real-time tracking of brand perception. This might be taking a picture of an ad on their TV screen or reporting an overheard conversation about the brand. 
'Never before have I been able to measure the impact of overheard conversations on peoples' perceptions of my brand. And the insights we are drawing are super powerful,' Dominic Grounsell, MORE TH>N's marketing director, told Marketing Week magazine. 
Grounsell was able to see clearly which media channels were giving his brand the most positive experiences over a particular period. 'That's helping us to understand which part of our advertising is working hardest. We're also getting powerful insights into how the ads stimulate people within our respondents peer network to discuss the brand,' he added.